Failure to Deliver

got an interesting idea for this domain (along with .net and .org), or want to trade it for some shitcoin?

what if the autists of wallstreetbets didn't discover an infinite money glitch with gamestop stock, but an infinite stock certificate glitch (or maybe both)?

From investopedia:

Failure to deliver refers to a situation where one party in a trading contract (whether it's shares, futures, options, or forward contracts) does not deliver on their obligation. Such failures occur when a buyer (the party with a long position) does not have enough money to take delivery and pay for the transaction at settlement. A failure can also occur when the seller (the party with a short position) does not own all or any of the underlying assets required at settlement, and so cannot make the delivery.

Though it would be considered illegal for them to do so, some such individuals or institutions may believe the company they short will go out of business, and thus in a naked short sale they may be able to make a profit with no accountability.

Clear eyes, diamond hands, can't lose. Except market cap = shares outstanding * stock price and we don't know how many shares of GME outstanding anymore. What if it's an order of magnitude higher?